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Introduction to Prenecon

Prenecon is a reputable EPC Contractor activated in the Renewables Energy Sector. The company originates back in 2005 and operates as a one-stop shop offering its clients the convenience of a full range of services provision from Development and Design up to Contracting and O&M of their Projects. Prenecon, through its commitment, flexible way of operation and use of Innovative and Efficient Technologies, is already able to show a Large Experience and a Significant Track Record created in a much faster rate than that of other businesses in the sector.


Company’s Milestones to Date

What we have achieved by today

Prenecon, during its successful course, has managed to acquire the knowledge, know-how and experience in the materialization of all types of Renewable Energy Projects (wind, solar, CSP, SHPP, etc.). Its presence started in Greece and has fast expanded to a very large geographical extent. The company’s reliability and work quality, which is certified by recognized international auditing bodies, its operating flexibility, its competitiveness and its established international synergies, cooperation and alliances with IPP’s, large suppliers and vendors operating in the Renewable Energy field, its close relationship with its clients, as well as the continuous development of its employees, create a strong base for Prenecon’s sustainability and continuing success.

Geographical Areas of Activity

Prenecon’s recognized work quality led to its fast growth and expansion of its operation area coverage. Geographically, the areas where Prenecon is currently activated are:

  • Central & Eastern Europe

  • Balkan Countries

  • Middle East

  • Africa

  • Asia


Track Record

Our performance 

  •   688 MW grid-connected

  •    281 MW under construction

  •  1.130 MW pre-contract stage

  •    129 MW under design

  •   200 MW development completed

  •   585 MW under development

  • 3.013 MW in total

Future Goals

Prenecon aims to continue its sustaining growth by:

  • maintaining its entrepreneurial and flexible management,

  • maintaining its focus on quality and safety, innovation and technological advancement,

  • maintaining its persistence on value engineering and cost efficiency

  • exploring and implementing new construction, energy storage and hybrid technologies & means,

  • opening new markets and expanding its operations to new territories




Biogas Thrace I 3MW Project

Neochori, Orestiada, Greece




  • Onshore Wind Farms

  • Mini Wind Turbines


  • Photovoltaic Power Plants

  • Concentrated Solar Power Plants (CSP)

  • Stirling Power Plants


  • Small Hydro Power Plants


  • Combined Heat & Power


  • Biogas

  • Syngas

  • Incineration

Substations & Grid

  • Step-up Substations

  • GIS

  • Overhead Networks

  • Underground Networks

Energy Storage

  • Battery Storage

Algal Biotechnology

  • Air Pollution Absorption through Algal Biotechnology

Microgrids & Hybrids

Waste to Energy




Project Development

  • Sector & Business Recommendation 

  • Sites Identification

  • Measurement Campaigns

  • Energy Yield Studies

  • Micrositing

Projects Permitting

  • Production Licensing

  • Environmental Impact Assessment Licensing

  • Installation Licensing

  • Construction Licensing

  • Operation Licensing


Engineering & Design

  • Value Engineering

  • Conceptual Design

  • Basic Design

  • Detailed Design

  • Structural Design

  • Electromechanical Design

  • Surveying

  • Geotechnical Design

  • PV Design

EPC Contracting

  • EPC Contracting

  • QHSE Management

  • Works Scheduling and Monitoring

  • Progress Reports

  • Road Networks & Platforms

  • Foundations & Piles

  • Control Rooms

  • LV, MV & HV Networks

  • Step-up Substations

  • GIS

  • Overhead Networks

  • Underground Networks WTG Transportation & Installation

  • PV Panels Installation

  • Heliostats Installation

  • Towers

  • Digesters Construction

Construction Project Management (CPM)

  • Budgeting

  • Risk assessments and Risk management

  • Quality Assurance Plan

  • Commissioning and final delivery procedures

  • Community Integration Plan (CIP)

  • Local Authorities Interface (LAI)

Operation & Maintenance

Facilities operations and maintenance encompass a broad spectrum of services, competencies, processes, and tools required to assure the built environment will perform the functions for which a facility was designed and constructed.


Nur Minos 50MW CSP 

Crete Island, Greece


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